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This is a fun game that will entertain you and your friends for hours. You can re-arrange the faces of Fred & Sally in over 4 million combinations. You can play for days and never have the same face. Twist 4 Fun is rapidly becoming a favorite app for all ages. Simply touch the screen and it will rotate images between 4 different faces. The possibilities are endless. This will keep your kids entertained for hours. Works great in the car or at church!

Twist 4 Fun can include your own photos! You are able to change facial features between your friends and family. Up to 4 photos can be twisted. Imagine your nose on someone else’s face. How would they look with a friend’s mustache? Think about your hair, Uncle Wayne’s nose, Grandma Gertie’s smile, and Chuck’s chin all in the same photo! What a combo…

This version is available for just $0.99.

Save the created photos, print or upload them to Facebook directly from the app.

Simply hilarious! Great fun at parties!