For the $0.99 full version:

Touch a tab to see Fred or Sally's face. If you touch one of the eleven blocks or sections, it will (beep) and rotate to the next graphic. Each block has four sides, so with eleven blocks that means there are over 4 million different combinations to try for each face. Create the funniest face you can!


When you want even more fun, check this out. You get to take your own photos and then slice them up into 11 pieces and make crazy combination faces from these photos. You need to take up to four pictures, using the facial alignment tags for eyes, ears, nose, chin, centering the face in the oval. It works best if the camera is held vertical.This will allow all of the photos to be similar in size and help match up the parts of different people. Take a picture of Mom, Grandpa, Uncle Frank and Miss Smith, then start rotating the blocks to create your wild combo or mix of these people.

This is a fun game that will entertain you for hours. You can re-arrange the faces in over 4 million combinations. You can play for days and never have the same face. Twist 4 Fun is rapidly becoming a favorite app for all ages. Simply touch screen will rotate images between 4 different images, changing nose, eyes, chin, etc. The possibilities are endless. This will keep your kids entertained for hours in the car, at church, where ever entertainment is neede


- easy facial recognition tags to aid in photo alignment

- works with two, three or four of your photos

- photos will be saved to your personal photo library

- photos can be printed

- photos can be uploaded directly to facebook 

- works on your iPhone or iPad with built in camera

- sound on/off button

- on screen instructions